Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three days of goodness

We got home safe and sound from our journey up in Northern Cali to visit my mum (and a short visit with dad, too). It was just the little getaway that I needed...a break from the everyday routine which gave me a new energy and perspective. We crammed a lot into our little visit with plenty on the list to do next visit. We managed a drive to tahoe to see me dad and mama rhonda, a full day at Apple Hill indulging on all things apple~yum, tractor rides, horse-lovin, a rinse in the river and shopping to boot. Three days just doesn't cut it up in the mountains, but does leave me eager for our next trip up hopefully with my man as captain of the ship....I missed him so, plus that drive is a bear! Thanks mum for all of your love, support and oh-so-wonderful hospitality. I am better for having spent some time with you and your zoo.


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~j~ said...

wow.... those pictures are stunning. you are an excellent memory catcher sweet girl. Your Mama has a little slice of heaven doesnt' she?! so glad you got to go and visit.