Sunday, May 4, 2008

Island Adventures

I failed to get a single photo of the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding of our friend's that I so wanted to capture for the blog (and myself) and am hoping to update the blog with some of those when pictures become available......hint, hint~JD. What I did get photos of was our mini vacation/camping trip out to the Channel Islands last week. It was a fun trip all in all, but tiring to drag a teen & toddler along for a one night camp over.

The trip started out beautifully with our friends Andi, Ed & Mia. We all boarded the boat with excited toddlers awaiting the ride. Not long after we set out to sea their smiling faces turned pale and less joyful by the minute. The swell in the channel was pretty large causing quite a bit of motion sickness among the passengers. Maya ended up barfing twice all over the boat, her infamous "can't leave home without it" blanket, and of course her heroic daddy (who almost lost his cookies after her second round of spewing breakfast). Thanks for taking one for the team daddy!

Still excited

Going, going....


On the way out the captain spotted an enormous creature that seemed just as curious about us as we were about her. A gorgeous blue whale circled the boat showing off her long shiny body and gave us a lengthy show. Soon after the blue whale sighting we spotted a mother and baby humback whale duo. Needless to say, the ride out to the island was an eventful & exciting journey.

Once we got off the boat, we had a little lunch and took off on a hike. Maya loved running around rather than being stuck in the backpack.

Bri, on the other hand decided she couldn't manage another step (after feeling the effects of the Dramamnine she took) and planted herself right down in the middle of the trail for a short nap while we explored a little further.

It was a beautiful sight..........

The camping was fun and it was nice to get away from the demands of every day life. We pretty much had the campground to ourselves thankfully and I absolutely loved going to bed at dusk.....when do we ever get the chance to do that at home??? I was up at sunrise for a beautiful walk out on the beach to watch the sea lions playing and the pelicans gliding along the water. If there's one thing that I love to see when I'm on vacation in a beautiful place, it's the sun rising to greet me. Hands down, there's no better time of day. Everything is so still and quiet giving me a peaceful time to reflect and start fresh.

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~j~ said...

that looks like soo much fun, i am really happy you did that, perhaps next time B would like to stay with me??!
love you all you adventerous family you!
love j