Sunday, June 3, 2012

pignics and pinktails

I've been wanting to write down
all of the wonderfully creative things
my littles say, but have missed the
opportunity so many times
so thought I'd share
a couple of my favorites.

The little miss always loved
pignics(picnics) and pinktails(pigtails).
And just today she was playing with
her lil' sis & her baby doll
 speaking in what sounded
a bit like an indignant british royal.
So I asked her about her new speech
to which she explained it was
her accent from Los Angeles.

Also, I cannot leave out a fairly recent
conversation I had with my eldest daughter
at the sweet age of seventeen.
She was convinced....CONVINCED
that you could contract pink-eye
from someone poppering (farting)
 on your pillow,
because she had heard it from several
other highly educated young minds.
It was pretty hysterical and her dad
and I kept the pink-eye ball
rolling for days....
we just couldn't let that one go.

Hopefully, I'll get better at
recording these fun little bits
of childhood before they escape me.

Enjoy all the laughter in your life today...
it may not be there tomorrow.


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Meems said...

what an gorgeous picture of maya!! Did you take this? is perfect.