Saturday, June 2, 2012

dancing queen

2011 prom (junior year)

2012 winter formal

2012 prom (last month)

I just recently realized that
I hadn't posted any photos from
the many dances my
sweet bri has been to.
It's hard to believe this was the last one
before she graduates high school
and moves on to college life.
I know it sounds cliche,
but time has really flown by.
 I'm not quite prepared
for her to spread her wings
and fly away,
nor have I taken the time to
really wrap my head around it.
My fear is that it will hit me
In fact it is at this very moment
filling me with emotions
beyond which I can contain.
Whoa!  I took a little detour
and the tears are flowing.....
I know one thing about this girl for sure.
She will bring many smiles
to those she encounters
and she'll never stop dancin.

I love you to the moon
my sweet baby girl!


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