Wednesday, April 18, 2012

birthday love


It's been eighteen years since I first met you.
It was at that very moment I first felt true love.
It was the day that my world was completely changed ~
I was given a purpose beyond myself.
Only eighteen myself when you were born,
I had no idea what it meant to be fully
 responsible for another life. 
But I purposed in my heart from that very day
that I would give you all that I had.
You would be my first priority.

And now here we are.
Your childhood has come and gone
in what feels like the blink of an eye.
I look at you as you prepare for graduation,
college, life on your own and my head swirls
with visions of:

sit & spin on the kitchen floor
hairbrushing tears
dance parties
movie nights
lonnnggggg talks
sunrise walks on the beach
popcorn & milkduds
thriller dance
young life
& so much more

I look at you now and am amazed
at the young woman you have become.
You have a heart of tenderness,
and a beauty that runs deeper than
any photo could portray.
There is a spirit of giving in you
that is felt by those around you.
You are gifted with the ability
to draw others to you,
and to love on them in the
way they most need it.
You bring joy to the hearts of
those that know you best,
those that call you family
and those who call you a friend.

Today I celebrate who you are
and who you are yet to be.
May you always know the love
I have for you
wherever you go,
whatever you do,
even when we disagree.

You will always be my first true love.



Lydia said...

I read this description of her and can't help but think of you. We are what we know and see, my friend. She's learned by example and will continue to be the beautiful woman that her mom emulates. Happy Birthday to Bri (I especially remember those tearful hair brushings when she was only a kid). Thank you for sharing these special words...~Lydia

Kellie said...

This made me have (and still are) done an amazing job as a Mother and I truly admire the person that you are.
I love you and miss you! Kellie