Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A year already?

Time is flying by and I'm trying to soak up
every little morsel of goodness that
our little peanut brings into our lives.
She it going at turbo speed now
and into EVERYTHING.
The house looks like a tornado
has swept through and left every
room completely Josiefied.
She is all about mama
(which makes me even more smitten)
but doesn't really ever have stranger anxiety.
She will go to pretty much anyone
(although I haven't tried Santa yet)
and be a content little lady.
Her first teeth are finally coming in
on top and all at once.
Our little peanut is a sweet heart and
a firecracker all at the same time.
She's fun and frisky and a tad bit feisty.
She has captured our hearts in this
first year of life and
brings us pure joy each and every day.
We had a little evening celebration for
our sweet babe while we were in Austin.

Big J and little J

Happy Birthday little love!

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Jen said...

Love little Miss J, she is a doll and makes me smile every time I see her. You said it, your life has been Josiefied!

Becky said...

Happy bday little Josie! Always love seeing her sweet, delightful and happy little spirit.