Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween ghoul & his girls

Mr. N won the prize for best googly eyes
and definitely the scariest looking
ghoul in the house
The little peanut was hands down the
sweetest little ladybug around
while her little-big sis was
 a beautiful ballerina
I went all out and dressed up
as a mom of three
and my beautiful Bri stayed home
(being grounded stinks)
and played the role of cinderella.

It was really our first Halloween at home.
We hurriedly carved pumpkins
early in the evening
before the little ones
got dressed up.
After knocking on doors
halfway up the street,
the little miss decided
we could hit the other side
and be done.
She prefers giving the candy I guess.
We had a pretty good turnout
of visitors and eventually ran out of candy
(which I was grateful for).

I think we'll be doing Halloween at
home again and again.

1 comment:

Becky said...

Oh Josie is just TOO darn cute in that costume (loving the pic of her with the helmet on in the post below too). Love how Maya is striking her "real" ballerina pose. Matt's gotta love that you post pics like this of him -- what a sport...