Thursday, July 14, 2011

the only man for us

 our littlest peanut at six months
sporting some daddy love

here's our father's day banner.
the girls made little tags telling
their dad why he is so cherished:
you love on us
you take us for ice cream
you read stories to us
you take us surfing
you play games with us
you dance with us
you care for us
you are always smiling
you cook for us
you listen to us
you take us to school
you give us hugs
you take us shopping
you give us snacks
being around you makes us happy ....

when you drive us places 
how'd that one get in there.


ricebabies said...

That is SO funny...and sweet...but the photo..priceless.

~j~ said...

awesome.... great tribute to your man! Seed cup?!! hmmmm you will have to explain that one to me!

Becky said...

Ha! Love that -- love that he has his spitoon cup. Song used to do that too on long drives. I would always find the cup in the car later -- bleh.