Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our girls

I've been wanting a new camera for ages now and my sweet friend Becky let me borrow her Canon Rebel for a few days to try it out and capture the newness of the little peanut before she turns into a coconut.  I was really happy with the shots I got of all my girls and thought I'd share after a little nudging from mama wicky.  I had so much fun using her camera that I've put it on my Christmas list to Santa with the hope that I haven't been too naughty.

My time has been pretty used up these days with nursing, swaddling, rocking, diapers, storybook reading, and trying to get a few extra winks in from time to time.  Friends & family have been incredibly thoughtful by bringing us meals, helping with the little miss, and sending gifts of love.  We are grateful to be surrounded by our little community of friendship.  You are all a blessing to us. 


A.M.H. said...

such beautiful girls!

Becky said...

love your pictures, they turned out wonderfully! Hope Santa brings you a camera, you will do wonderful things with it I'm sure.

And, no it's not "too much" -- although I am a self-proclaimed mamarazzi so I may not be a good judge of this.

Meems said...