Thursday, November 25, 2010

The littlest sister

Sweet Josie Love joined our family
 on Sunday, November 21st at 3am
 in the comfort of her daddy's arms.
She was born a healthy 6 pounds and 12 ounces
at home while her youngest sister slept.
Her biggest sister was an incredible help
throughout the labor and birth
and stayed up with us until dawn
welcoming our little peanut.

Josie's birth story:
The "due date" for our baby was said to be November 20th which we were skeptical of as the other two girls were born ten days and two weeks later than the projected date.  Needless to say I was a bit surprised (although excited) by the contractions that started around 4am on Saturday the 20th.  I asked Matt to call in sick as I was sure the baby was coming.  He did.  And within 3 hours the contractions had stopped almost completely I was so disappointed.  We went on a walk around our neighborhood, visited friends at a birthday party, and laid low for the day.  Matt debated going in to work that afternoon since there was no sign of labor, but stayed home at my request.  By 10:30pm the contractions started coming much more
 regularly and with more power than before.  Bri got out of bed when I told her I thought the baby was coming that night and kept me company until around 1am when I decided to wake the Mr up.
It was not a friendly wake-up.  It was a "why the hell are you sleeping while I'm suffering" awakening.
Needless to say he was slightly dazed and confused by my crankiness.  I wanted to know when the heck he was going to call the midwife cause the contractions were coming fast and furious.  The next couple hours were somewhat of a blur.  My daughter, husband and midwife were readying the room while I concentrated on getting through the contractions.  They took turns assisting and comforting me between preparations.  At 3am our little girl made her entrance with my oldest daughter and husband by my side.  Mr. N held her as she came into the world and announced to me that we had another little girl.  I looked up at Bri who had lost the color from her face and looked like she was about to drop on the floor.  She was helped to a chair where she could regain her stomach.  Josie was wrapped in a towel and brought to my chest immediately.  My Mr woke Maya to meet her new sister.  We were left alone as a family to enjoy our beautiful new gift.

I loved having our little Josie at home.
I loved being in my own room, in my own bed.
I loved the sweetness of our time to enjoy
our little beauty and embrace her new life as a family
in the warmth of our nest.
I loved the peacefulness that surrounded us
from the moment I went into labor,
throughout the birth and after she arrived.

I love my little Josie.
She is yet another blessing in my life.
I am thankful beyond words.


A.M.H. said...

She is gorgeous!!!!

What a beautiful birth story. It seriously moved me to tears. And her name is absolutely LOVELY. She looks just like a Josie Love.

Can't wait to meet and snuggle her!

~j~ said...

I love that you were aware of all the blessings of this birth, from being at home to the intimate moment with your precious family afterward and I am grateful for the safe arrival for both of you! thanks for giving us a sweet peek into a very miraculous and wonderful time in your beautiful life.
I love you and your family,

Becky said...

Those pictures are fantastic, and priceless (as I'm sure you know). Your story is beautiful. Well done Mom, a fantastic job -- with everything!

Laura said...

Thank you for sharing your birth story. I love hearing about the most incredible moment in a woman's life. Congratulations. I am so happy you got to have a beautiful experience at home.

miyo b. said...

What a beautiful birth story (minus yelling at the Mr.) - I can't wait to hold little Josie Love and breathe in all the sweetness! You are amazing! Congratulations Norris Family!

tg+sg+rg+hg said...

congratulations on another beautiful girl and a beautiful birth at home.

sending you a big hug and lots of love to you and your family.


Jen said...

Loved to hear about your beautiful birth story; so happy you got to experience the birth you truly wanted. Sounds like your entire family will treasure your home birth experience. So happy to hear you are all doing well; can't wait to meet lovely little Josie!

tessa said...

congratulations on the birth of your little beauty! we are so happy for you. :)

Jenn Kirk said...

Congratulations!! What an amazing, beautiful story. And how wonderful you were able to welcome little Josie into your (her!) own home. Hope you are doing well. And Bri, too! xoxo