Monday, July 26, 2010

the beach party

Sweet Bri's birthday was last April, as was her party.  I was just thinking back on what a fun time it was and since I never got around to posting photos, thought I'd share a few.  The party was held at my cousin's beautiful beach house.  The kids had a laid back beachy day that was spent playing games, munching on dentist~friendly goodies, surfing and gathering around the bonfire.  It was an "awesome" day.


Meeh said...

your blog is just a happy place to be.
p.s when did B go from being beautiful to HOT? I love her short hair.

Nick and Becky said...

I would wish for a birthday day like this any year!! the flower pom poms are perfect (great colors) and the bon fire! ...made me reminisce the day we had our impromptu one in Kauai!

Becky said...

Looks like a really fun and beautiful day. I tried a suit on like the one Bri is wearing. It looked very wrong on me -- now I know why, it needs to be worn by someone in the sub 20 set.