Wednesday, March 24, 2010

please, oh please

artwork by Sarah Jane 

This tiny card is hanging up in my little one's room.  It's the sweetest reminder of how quickly time is flying by and for me to cherish the little days because in the blink of an eye, they will be over.  It happens overnight as you sleep, you know.  The fast forward fairies will sneak into her room, sprinkle their magic fairy dust and I will wake up to a high schooler who is gearing up to get her driver's permit, going to dances and thinking about college.  I have proof.  They've already hit my house once.  I shant let it happen again.

Any suggestions on fairy traps? 


Becky said...

and how... it sounds so cliche but they do grow up so fast. I always tell my husband I just want to freeze them!

I saw this the other day and thought it had some cute ideas...

ricebabies said...

I see my littlest one, and while his super chubby cheeks say he is a baby, his legs are long, and he can repeat just about any word now.

I have another on the way, but if only I could stop the ones I have too. My oldest will be in all day kindergarden in Sept. My heart breaks.

This is why its great to stop and in a busy day and just live the moment, before it passes.