Monday, February 8, 2010

Supercalifragilistic weekend

Last weekend I gathered up my girls and drove to my in-laws house for our much anticipated outing to the musical~

 The show was nothing short of fantastic.  From the stage props, to the costumes to the talent involved it was such a fun time to experience with the girls & my mum-in-law.  What a wonderful gift it was (thank you mum)!

After our day at the theatre, mr. man and I got a night out sans kids.  We had dinner at Malo and then decided to check out the Griffith Observatory.  The view from the newly remodeled building is spectacular!  Entry to the observatory is free, but we decided to watch a show in the planetarium which did not dissapoint. Since I didn't have my camera on hand (and I'd never do it justice anyway), I found this stunning photo online and had to post it.  I randomly found the photography blog for Della Huff and had to share. 

As great as Saturday was, the fun didn't stop there.  Sunday morning I rose to a hike with my dad-in-law in Griffith Park up to the observatory again.  The air was crisp and clean from the latest rain and the view of  L.A. was phenominal! 

Since I knew I would want to get some photos on the hike I stopped specifically to buy batteries for my camera because they were low.  On my way out of the store I opened the package, took the new batteries out in one hand, the old batteries out in the other and got distracted (this happens so easily with me).  When I realized I didn't know which were old and which were new I put some in and it looked like I guessed right...that is until we got to the amazing view when my camera abruptly said to me "you're not so bright, are ya?"  Did I consider putting the other set of batteries in my pocket?  Of course not.  Consequently, the picture above is the only decent photo that was taken before my camera gave me the bird and went to sleep.

After the two hour hike with my FIL, Bri and I went to see a movie that I had heard about.  To Save A Life is like no other teen movie I've seen.  It's message is powerful and positive unlike most movies that are directed at this age group.  It recognizes and addresses some of the major issues that teens are facing with a rawness that gets your attention and then demonstrates that through thoughtful choices and behavior we can save not only others, but ourselves from the slippery slope that only leads downward.  If you know a teenager who hasn't seen this film, I highly recommend it.  It's not playing everywhere, but you can find the closest showing here.

We finished off the day with the last half of the superbowl and pizza.  Not usually my style, but I enjoyed every minute.
Spending time with family is always a gift.  But THIS weekend was simply magical.

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Becky said...

what a fantastic weekend. A musical, night out with your man and a hike -- wow, I'm green with envy! We watched Mary Poppins on TV the other day - forgot how fun the music was for a 4-yr old. After watching it only once Katie already picked up the tune to "Just a Spoon Full of Sugar."