Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday blues

got a great view of dozens of dolphins this morning by the beach

you don't want to know how I took this photo. really.

the view of the hills near our house as the clouds rolled in.

I love the shades of blue we saw this morning. 
They reflect my mood over the past few days though...which I don't love. 
Cloudy with unexpected showers pretty much sums me up,
maybe even some thunder storms blowing through.
Praying for a sunny forecast tomorrow.
For everyone's sake.


Becky said...

hope you feel a little less blue today -- although, I have to say your bluesy mood makes for some great photography. You know those tormented artists/rockstars makes for brilliant work.

Jenn Kirk said...

I really, really love how green those hills have been. Cheers me up whenever I see them pulling out of my driveway. Looking forward to warmer weather, but not the usual drab hills!

Anonymous said...

Feel better. I miss that coastal view on the 101...sigh.