Thursday, August 27, 2009

D + M = La, La, La Love

Last weekend we had the opportunity to witness the most beauty~full wedding of all time. My dear friends Julia & Dale graciously hosted an amazing party for their beloved daughter. Every detail was lovingly prepared by the newlyweds, their family and friends. From the sweetest of handwritten vows, to the handmade napkins, beautifully printed programs, flower arrangements, desserts and so much more ~ the love that is felt for these two was visibly present.

Just to warn you - this post contains more photos than any one post can handle, but I'm finding it impossible to weed out any more. It was that amazing! So enjoy the eye candy that tells the story of Meehan & Daniel's new beginning...

The gorgeous bride and groom

The Loving Family and Friends

The Simply Beautiful Reception

The Fantastic Food

The Flower Maidens

The Sparkly Sendoff (so much fun)

D & M
We love you and were so blessed to be included in your wedding festivities. We wish you a lifetime of love for each other and all of those around you, continued compassion for those in your journey, strength to overcome the hurdles that await you, and faith for a God that is bigger than all of us. Have a wonderful adventure!


~j~ said...

Wow,wow,wow!!! these pictures make this wedding look way better than I thought it actually looked! you are incredible!! :))
Cant wait to see you next week..
thank you for capturing such a fun day through the lens of your beautiful eye!

Cristine said...

Amazing photos, you were able to capture not only the beauty of the decorations and day but the beauty within each smile! I LOVE the photo of Julia with her hair blowing over her eyes!

Becky said...

wow -- what a beautiful wedding. Love all the details. Did you take those pictures with a point-and-shoot or do you have an SLR?

joyfulgirl said...

That is my absolute favorite picture of julia too cristine. doesn't she look beautiful???

the pics are all point & shoot. i only dream of having my own canon slr one day. it would be so much fun...but my little mini canon is easy to carry.

Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...

Gorgeous wedding. The bride is beautiful.

N and B said...

These are fantastic!! Although...I cannot figure out how to view them larger!! Can you please send me copies?? i want one of me Nick and Maya! :) You took some incredible pictures!

joyfulgirl said...

i'm so bummed that these won't enlarge. every since i got a new computer i've had that problem with the photos on blogger. i'll definitely send you a copy in the mail, becky.