Saturday, June 6, 2009

How does your garden grow?

We have gotten so much enjoyment out of watching our garden grow this spring. We have already harvested lots of lettuce, beans, zucchini, brocolli, beets, a few strawberries and some parsley and have loved nurturing the growth of life and sharing the results with our neighbors and friends. My "gard"en dog stands at her post as I shuffle through the greens.

As big as our plants have gotten, some of the tomatoes are not looking so hot (I think because of the foggy weather). Their tips are brown and curling and some leaves are yellowing with brown spots. I cut back on the water to see if that would help and I think it has a little. I'm hoping once the weather gets sunnier, the girls will look happier. Still, I'm loving the food we're producing and looking forward to watching our "butterfly garden" flourish with flowers. The girls and I planted the seeds a few weeks ago and are watching all the seedlings pop up here and there.

Last week as we were out picking produce, our neighbor stopped by and we gave her some zucchini and parsley. Within an hour, she came knocking at our door with this tank of dinner...

complete with crockpot and all.
What a great neighborhood we live in!

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~j~ said...

that garden is really something! I am so impressed and so wishing we got our garden boxes up earlier!
All you need is a couple of chickens scratching around that little piece of farmland :)