Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whoa...where did the time go?

Ladies showing off their guns

A day out on the beach (definitely a workout for all of us, except grandma)

Peace lovin gals

This trip to Target was too darn funny as my grandma poopooed the idea of riding in a cart (that was for old people, not my 90 year old grandmother) until I talked her into trying it and she sped around like Mrs. Andretti almost taking out everyone in her path. She's dangerous behind the wheel. So glad she's not driving her car anymore...that would be scary.

I'm so excited to be posting again. Feels like it's been weeks (only because it has) and I have missed out on so much sharing with everyone. Things are great for us and the kids are back in school again, yay!!! We just got back from a benefit for Heal the Ocean where we got to sit 6 feet from a stage where Jack Johnson opened the event....wooohooooo, that was fun. Then we had an amazing dinner followed by an auction, a raffle and more dancing and music. It was a fun night out with friends. Thanks G for a great time!

The past few weeks have been full to say the least. My grandmother was transplanted up to our house for a week along with my mom and our sweet little Chinese friend, Amy (who stayed with us for three weeks). She was a joy to have and it was fun sharing our family traditions and learning from her. My grandma is now living in an Assisted Living facility (which she loves) right up the street from me and everyone else has returned to their loved ones.

Now it's back to a normal pace and I can't wait to get back into my groove. Hope you all have been well and enjoying your sunny summer days.


Cristine said...

WOW.,..a Target with an elevator..what have I been missing? How special to have four generations of woman together!

~j~ said...

Man, I had to take a breath from reading all the posts that have been keeping you so busy!! I loved each one and smiled reading about your Grandma. You are a rich blessing to your family with a heart and soul of love and compassion that blesses many, me included :) i love and miss you very much