Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tieing the knot

This past Saturday my cousin, Nick was married to his sweet bride. Everything about the evening was beautiful...the weather, the setting and the celebration of love. I am so grateful to have the family that I do and the ability to share in moments like this one. It was a great time for all.


H.J. said...

Hi Aubrei,I'm Amy's father.My wife and I are very happy to have a look at our daughter in your blog.I think you are very good at taking pictures.Both photos and people in them are beautiful. We like it.

~j~ said...

Wow! LOVE the new look!!!
you are an amazing photographer Aubrei!what a beautiful day you all had, you truly captured the heart of the day.
love j

Andrejka said...

There's proof. . .I was there. . . (those pics are great. . watch out I may con you into being an assistant for me) . ..