Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blog truancy

I never knew I could feel guilty about neglecting the blog, but low and behold I feel like a certain part of my life has been on pause since I haven't been posting recently. So here's a quick photo session I did with Maya about a week and a half ago in her new-used clothing that I picked up at the local children's consignment store. They have such great things and I LOVE the idea of reusing items rather than constantly consuming new things. I found an adorable dress for her to wear to our friends wedding next week as well. I'll be sure to post some awesome photos when that day really, I will. Hope your weekend is beautiful.

1 comment:

~j~ said...

oooh does she look like she was feelin spunky wheny you took those!
And that fly away hair... she is one truly adorable,enjoyable, joyful,sensational little girl.
LOVE that dress too can't wait to see it on her.