Sunday, February 17, 2008


Since I missed posting on V-day, I thought I'd share a bit of my day in pictures. The first photo is of my beloved grandparents who's eternal love for one another was apparent in their lives with every breath until their last days here on earth. With over 50 years of marriage to each other, they still displayed their affection toward one another every single morning with a kiss. They were so connected that even in the last hours of my Nanny B's life, my grandfather knew he could not bear to go on without her and passed within 24hrs of her death. When I think of true love, I cannot help but to remember the love they shared for one another and for their family. I feel so blessed to have known them.

Here are some of our sweet Valentine cards. The one's below were homemade for my family.

Here's my littlest Valentine showing off her heart.

Matt and I hiked up a beautiful river canyon to start our day and ended it at our favorite date spot....the book store:) Our dearest friend Julia came over to watch the girls and give some "we" time.....thanks my lovely Jewel!

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~j~ said...

Those cards you made are so incredible! Love your post!
Love you!