Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Emotional Day

Last night was heartbreaking for me. My eyes filled with tears for hours, my soul ached, my outlook on life was changed. Last night I read about the beautiful life of little Ava Rosemeyer on her mum's blog site. I found a connection and a love for someone I've never met nor will I ever have the chance, but oh....how she's changed me.

When I woke this morning, my own little beauty popped her head around the door frame and professed "It's light outside,it's not dark" as she toddled in to climb up on the bed with me. Her smiles and laughs brighten my day and my heart breaks even more for Ava's mum. I thought of her all day and wore a pink ribbon in my hair as a remembrance of her precious little life.

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~j~ said...

oooh this is going to be a great blog! Welcome to blogland. And yes i agree Sheye Rosemeyers blog is a difficult and life changing reminder to us all to love well..