Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear January,

I am so glad you were here for a whole 31 days!
I enjoyed your stay and all the blessings you
brought my way.  I just wanted to be sure
not to let your treasured gifts go unmentioned.

Thank you for good times with cousins,

for winter swing surfing,

for a loving family...and birthday celebrations,

for dads and daughters, 

for dads and grandaughters,

and for grandmas who love to be called grandma

for time and patience to knit a first scarf,

and a first blanket,

for childhood,

babes in the garden,

new and beautiful friendships,

a precious chunk of time with this beauty,
and the glimmer of rain fallen,
mist in the trees,
and time to enjoy it all.

January, once rock!!!
Looking forward to seeing you
again next year.

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