Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look out for the salami

Our little miss has been filling me with
laughter over the past week with her
incredibly inventive vocabulary.
Earthquakes have been the main topic
that are occupying her thoughts right now.
She's been worrying about them quite a lot.
So last week when she brought it up
our conversation went a little like this:

LM: I keep feeling like an earthquake is
Me: Why is that?
LM: Because it always feels like my bed
is shaking at night
Me: We haven't had any earthquakes lately
that I know of
LM: Well I guess an earthquake is better
than a salami.
That would be really bad.
Me: What's a salami?
LM: It's when the water comes up
onto the land.
I like salami.
But not that kind. 

I'm gonna miss this age.


Cristine said...

I'll be on the lookout for when the 'salami' comes!! LOL
The way your post is posted, LM photos is directly across from Daisys and don't they look like sisters with their big toothless grins and long blond curls!! So cute!

~j~ said...

oh Lord that is so dang cute!
I like the other kind of salami too! :))

Becky said...

love that -- does she think the lunchmeat is named after a giant wave then?