Saturday, September 3, 2011

A lil bit'o country

Two weeks ago my party partner (Julia) & I 
put together a cowboy baby shower
for my sweet cousin at her ranch out
in the soft rays of August sunshine.
The guest of honor sported her
baby belly beautifully (especially
considering she gave birth the
next day:)
We adorned the table with
sunflowers and spurs
and the little burlap bags held
favors of Udder Cream (hand lotion).

This woman was made to birth babies.
She delivered her little man 24 hours
after this photo was taken.
Total time in labor:
less than two hours.
And I thought I was fast
at a whopping four hours.
It must run in the family.

Here's the newest little man
and his older brothers one week
after the shower.
Such beautiful boys.


~j~ said...

FYI party planner in crime Julia was only a body in helping to execute an amazing vision by said partner A at an equally amazing piece of gloriousness = the closest thing to heaven I have ever seen! aka "the ranch"
Not only that but the said recipient of incredible baby shower goodness pulled off a most ridiculous feat of baby birthing ever!! Great job ladies, Excellent teamwork indeed :))
love j

Mama said...

Beautiful pics of what looked like a fabulous time at the ranch. You gals did a wonderful job -- colorful, pretty and very western!..........and Gianna giving birth to her newest love within 24 hrs to boot! What a well rounded work of beauty and joy! Love, Mama