Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the baby~moon

The Mr. and I went on a
little getaway to Cambria last week
for some "we" time
where we soaked up the solitude & quiet.
No whining.
No arguing.
No chauffering.
No attitude.
No entertaining anyone but ourselves.

We spent our time walking by the beach,
eating fabulous food at Robin's
(my new Cambria favorite~thanks Amy),
listening to the waves crash from our sweet little room,
just being.

It was wonderful.

A big thank you to my in-laws for allowing us to take time
for ourselves before we venture into babyland.

We loved it!


Meems said...

Nice post!
I love the color and continuity of the pictures... they tell a gorgeous story.
well done ( and sounds like fun too!)

~ap said...

our favorite getaway place for couple-time, including Robin's. so glad you had a chance to do this before your little jewel's arrival.

love to all of you!