Sunday, April 18, 2010


Dearest Bri~
Today you turn sixteen,
and the words I have are few.
It's not because I have little to say,
but because I barely know where to begin
or how to fit it all into one post.
So this will have to suffice:
Your life has been an amazing gift to me.
Each day I am honored to watch you
grow into the young woman you are and will be.
I love to hear your voice, your laughter, your desires.
I love who you are.



Anonymous said...

awww thanks momma i love you

ricebabies said...

16, life happens so fast. Sixteen is truly sweet, try and enjoy being a teen while you have the chance.

Birthday wishes to your daughter.

~j~ said...

pretty much can't say anything else but how much we love you Bri, it's astounding how proud we are of you and how delighted we are to rejoice for the day of your birt.Your Dad is right, your smile is like sunshine, your passion and zest for life is inspiring and your hugs are the best gift ever!
Chocolate kisses for you sweet girl, oh and a fatty ol peanut butter cup too :)
love d and j

dakotasmommy said...

Happy Birthday mama aubrei and bri, you both are amazing people so glad you are in my life.

Jeanette said...

Happy, Blessed, Sweet 16, Bri!! Love to you.


Alely L. said...

that was the sweetest post ever! i'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog! i love your profile description i totally relate! now following you and looking forward to perusing more of your blog.
xo, alely

Anonymous said...

Dearest Pookie
Words cannot speak the wonderful feelings that you inspire in everyone who knows you! I feel blessed that your spirit has entered our lives and we can share in your beautiful blossoming! You are such a warm shiny ray of sunshine!