Sunday, March 29, 2009


Matt & I got to head out of dodge for a little romantic getaway up the Cali coast last week taking in the fresh ocean air and thousands of wildflowers. Up in Big Sur we hiked every day exploring the trails and feasting our eyes on the beauty that spring brings ~ wild iris, poppies, calla lilies and so many more. We made "camp" in a tent/cabin equipped with a queen size bed, 6 layers of blankets, candles and a bottle of two-buck-chuck as we listened to the river rushing by. We had such a great time breaking up the routine and spending some time without all of the distractions that life at home brings. It was perfect.

Sure we missed the kids, but it made coming home to them so much more enjoyable and also gave us some time to talk about trips that we want to do as a family. If there's one thing I believe is necessary for a marriage (especially with kids), it's taking the time to nurture the love of your life. After all, once the children are grown and out on their own won't it be nice to really know the one that captured your heart in the first place?

To my Matt:
I love you for all that you are and for taking the time to care for our relationship as husband and wife. You truly bless me....


~j~ said...

Wow! Absolutely beautiful, so glad you took the time to do that! I hope you have more of those planned on the horizon, it blesses me to see you do so!

dakotasmommy said...

I love how inlove you are with your hubby it is really special.

Becky said...

Wow, those pictures are stunning. It looks like it was absolutely gorgeous. We have such access to such beautiful coastline within a couple hours -- sometimes I forget!