Wednesday, January 14, 2009

7 steps to birthday bliss

Step 1~
stop and smell the birthday bouquet
step 2~
get out for some needed exercise

step 3~
keep your mind young and active with complex decisions

step 4~
spend time with people that make you smile inside and out

step 5~
eat. good. food.

step 6~
do something daring (i.e. painting your house the color that you like even though it has been voted least favorite by anonymous ballot holders because you know it will look rad)

step 7~
soak up the beauty of the day in whatever form it may come
and be grateful for life's gifts great and small


~j~ said...

I love,love,love your seven steps to birthday bliss and will make note for future celebrations! ;)
have to say though that the color change is my most fav!
love you sooo much,
love j

Becky said...

did you make those green cupcakes? Those look amazing.

Great post.

Lydia Ozonoff said...

hey, are those the avocado rolls from Cheesecake factory? Just curious. Hope you had a great birthday. It must feel great to be 25!

joyfulgirl said... cupcakes were superfun to make for bri's birthday last year. the rolls were ahi rolls with avocado, cilantro and crazy wasabi dipping sauce (no sinus problems for me this month:)at a local restaurant.

and yes 25 (give or take 7 years) feels great!

Jeanette said...

I hope your birthday was wonderful!! XOXO J.